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Inclusive Neighbourhoods – Supporting More Welcoming, Inclusive and Supportive Communities

Building on the original groundbreaking developments in Western Australia, Inclusive Neighbourhoods led the original development of Local Area Coordination in England and Wales as an approach to supporting individuals, families and communities to build their resilience, nurture and share their gifts and skills and build and pursue their vision for a good life.

Inclusive Neighbourhoods is now supporting new conversations and developments in Singapore, Western Australia, other Australian states and other areas, as well as continuing to support the great work of Community Catalysts CIC and the Local Area Coordination Network in England and Wales.

Starting at the Start

Building on Learning
Values and Principles
A “human” approach
Strong, contributing leadership
Inclusion and contribution

It’s about active, valued, contributing citizenship for all.

Local Area Coordination is now growing across England and Wales

Inclusive Neighbourhoods established and hosted the Local Area Coordination Network as a way of building connections, supportive relationships and shared learning and improvement across England and Wales – a community of reflection, practice and learning.

It’s very exciting that Community Catalysts CIC is now hosting and leading Local Area Coordination developments in England and Wales! To find out more about Local Area Coordination in England and Wales, go to

For developments elsewhere, watch this space!

"Why is it that often for millions of people living on the margins their voices are not heard by anybody...& what's the impact of that?"

Watch @NickGardham @corganisers talk about Natural Authority & what the #LocalAreaCoordination principle means to him

Hi Tamara! Fabulous, that’s really exciting. We are nearing completion of design in Singapore and about to start in another new area this week. I look forward to hearing how things develop and hopefully shared learning with international partners in the future!

Tamara James@TJQM2014

Can’t wait to implement Local Area Coordination in Luton @lutoncouncil @CommCats @LacnNick @LACNetworkUK

instead lets encourage the huge number of skilled, generous and trustworthy citizens to use their gifts to make a contribution to their neighbourhoods. LACs help facilitate this! @SwanseaCouncil @markcarney2017 @LACNetworkUK

Jon Franklin@jonpcfranklin

"When we outsource civic virtue to pay third party providers, we narrow the scope of society and encourage people to withdraw from it." Mark Carney- Reith Lecture.

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How we work

The Local Area Coordination Vision:
‘All people live in welcoming communities that provide friendship, mutual support, equity and opportunities for everyone’.
The Local Area Coordination Charter
‘To develop partnerships with individuals and families/carers as they build and pursue their goals and dreams for a good life and with local communities to strengthen their capacity to welcome, include people and support all people as valued, contributing citizens.’

Local Area Coordination

In keeping with the values of Local Area Coordination, Inclusive Neighbourhoods Ltd works in partnership with local people, communities and service partners to:

Build knowledge and capacity to design, develop, implement and grow Local Area Coordination to build positive outcomes at the individual, family, community and systems levels.

  • Build and share information, learning, connections and partnerships.
  • Value the skills, experience and contribution of individuals, families, communities within their communities and in the development and delivery of Local Area Coordination.
  • Support Leaders in positive, inclusive change to build more local, inclusive, flexible, strength based services.
  • Support the learning and evaluation of Local Area Coordination in partnership with universities, service partners, local people and communities – building on the learning.
  • Build supportive connections with/between national and international Local Area Coordination sites.

Inclusive Neighbourhoods is underpinned by the belief that every person has the right to build and pursue their vision for a good life and that communities are stronger, more welcoming and more self sufficient where all people have the opportunity for to share strengths and expertise and contribute to local community life.

Other Projects

Inclusive Neighbourhoods works alongside partners in a range of strength based approaches and projects:

  • New in 2019! We are about to start supporting National Healthcare Group in Singapore in the design and development of their new Local Area Coordination programme, as part of healthcare reform.
  • New in 2019! Department of Communities, Western Australia. Supporting the development of the new statewide prototype. Lots to learn and share!
  • Ongoing support alongside the Local Area Coordination Network in England and Wales.
  • Working with NDIS partner organisations in Australia around Local Area Coordination, training and support.
  • Training and development – Person Centred Active Support