How does it work?

Local Area Coordination is an eclectic combination of approaches, delivered in a unique and connected sequence.

Local Area Coordinators support individuals and their families and are based in their local communities as a local, accessible point of contact for local people and their families. This enables the support provided by Local Area Coordinators to be personalised, flexible and responsive, within the context of their family and community life.

This could be short term support, information or connections with people and resources in the community. Anyone can access a Local Area Coordinator for short term information, connections or support. They also provide longer term support alongside people and families who may be facing complex and enduring life situations.

They take time to get to know and build positive, trusting relationships with individuals, families and local communities and develop a more personal relationship with a wide range of people and their families.

The right relationship – trust, respecting the skills, experience and authority of the person

The right conversation – what’s important to the person, their aspirations for the future, their gifts, skills and connections.

It combines a range of existing, often disconnected roles in a single, local point of contact supporting children and adults within their local community and is intentionally designed to:

  • Taking time to get to know people well over time as they identify and pursue their aspirations for the future and ways of making it happen,
  • Understand and utilise personal, family and community gifts, strengths and interests – Support people to stay strong,
  • Access accurate, timely and relevant information from a variety of sources choice and control,
  • Support people to identify and develop personal networks (friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, community),
  • Support people to have a voice self advocacy, advocating alongside people or advocate for people,
  • Support people to develop practical, local and sustainable responses to their aspirations and any challenges they may face,
  • Build partnerships with and between individuals, families, communities and services,
  • Support people to access and control resources or services where this is needed or eligible,
  • Help people to connect with, be part of or contribute to existing community resources,
  • Participate in and contribute to building inclusive communities through partnerships with local businesses, community, voluntary and third sector organisations,
  • Be alongside local communities and support their aspirations for the future – understand
    • what is great/what they love about their community
    • what community do together to make it even better
    • who may like to get involved to make it happen.
  • Promote valued opportunities for contribution and leadership of all people in local communities