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Memuna’s story

Memuna reflects on her recovery from a series of health issues that had left her “a prisoner in her own home”. She was introduced to her Local Area Coordinator Sarah, by a hospital Social Worker.

When they first met it was evident that Memuma’s housing situation was negatively impacting her physical and mental health. With Sarah alongside her, Memuna took brave steps to re-imagine her life. This included drawing on the right type of formal support and advice needed to move to a more suitable home.

Although they were focused on some serious issues, Sarah and Memuna formed a relationship that recognised her as a whole and had fun along the way too. This included dancing together in her new flat.

Memuma reflects that Sarah supported her mentally, emotionally, and physically whilst also helping her coordinate the formal and informal supports she needed. Sarah concludes “she has achieved so much and I am proud to say I have walked alongside her”. Thanks to for producing the video.

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