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Walter’s story

This week we are sharing Walter’s reflections of Local Area Coordination. Walter was introduced to his Local Area Coordinator Rachel by a social worker in the safeguarding team.

When Rachel and Walter met, he was living on his own and had no formal care or income. Together they worked through what Walter was entitled to and, with Rachel alongside him, he applied for what he needed in order to improve his life.

This helped him get back on an even footing, find stability, and progress with other parts of his life too.

Walter concludes by saying that he is ‘much happier’ and that his life is ‘much better’. Walter’s reflections help us to understand that with the right type of support in the right way at the right time, people can avoid further crisis, regain their strength, and go on to live their good lives in their community. Thanks to for producing the video.

“I feel much happier. My life is much better” – these are Walter’s words as he reflects on how things have changed since Local Area Coordinator Rachel began walking alongside him!

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